Here is what our clients have to say!


Bigil is a knowledgeable and personable trainer. He easily adapts each workout to my
improving capabilities and my daily attitude. Like everybody else, there are days I'd rather not
workout and get a little less than enthusiastic. Bigil's perceptive and chooses exercises and intensity
to move me quickly from "rather not" to "let's do it". Most importantly, he is genuinely interested in my progress and it is obvious to me that he feels just as much satisfaction in my accomplishments as do I.He has become an integral part of my daily life style.
Congrats to one year for fresh fit and thank you Bigil.

Stay at home mom of 2

Hands down I would not be training AT ALL if it weren’t for you. I have no idea how you keep me WORKING OUT & LAUGHING! There are days when it is actually a joy to work out and other days when it’s just fun! With your patient attitude I have added increasing difficulty to my workout regimen without even realizing it. I highly recommend you to all potential clients and think you have a great way to motivate every individual no matter what age group or strength training experience.

Very best,

I have been working out with Bigil for over 6 months now, and find his expertise and personality to be a great fit in allowing me to stay fit and in shape. Each session is different from the previous session, which keeps things fresh and interesting. Also, Bigil knows a lot about proper nutrition which is an added benefit. Keep up the great work.


When I first met Bigil in July 2012, I was concerned. Having previously worked with personal trainers, I assumed that his soft-spoken nature and small stature would not challenge me like I wanted to be challenged. After my first 5 am workout, I was proven wrong. I walked out of the gym exhausted and sweaty, but happy. The soreness that followed over the next few days demonstrated that I got my money’s worth and that Bigil knows his stuff. With Bigil’s help, over the past year, I have attained many of my goals, including, improved strength, longer endurance and better overall health. I would recommend Bigil’s services to anyone who wants to see results, is looking for a challenge, and is willing to work hard. Bigil is a great trainer, a kind spirit and a good friend.

I have been working with Bigil as my trainer now for a year and a half. Bigil is a wonderful personal trainer. I have never done the same workout twice, he pushes you and at the same time makes the workouts fun and interesting. Bigil gets to know you as a person and takes great interest in learning the goals you set for yourself. I couldn't do a pushup when I walked into the gym for the first time and now Bigil has me doing many different advanced pushups. I have become stronger and more toned in the last year and a half. Bigil is very knowledgeable in all aspects of personal training including nutrition. As a middle aged woman I need all the help I can get in that department!
He is reliable and never cancels appointments and is very flexible if I need to adjust my time. He really puts the "person" in personal training!

Dear Bigil,

Thank you for being such a great trainer. I truly enjoyed working with you.  I always felt safe and I always felt challenged! And I got to experience a lot of feelings!

I am Happy for you as you move forward in your professional life. I wish you new success and I will miss you. Best Regards,

As a couple, my wife and I went to Bigil as a trainer for about a year. I hate working out, but bigil made it fun by being so friendly and having  a great sense of humor. Many times the hour long training session, though rigorous, would fly by because it was like hanging out with a friend. I both had a good time and got a great work out, and would recommend Bigil to anybody who wants a great work out but doesn't like going to the gym.

Bigil has been training me for over a year and I still look forward to his workouts.   Instead of doing the same routine each workout, he changes the exercises with each visit.   This helps me stay motivated and interested; if I always do the same training, I will get bored.  After his workouts I always have more energy and my body feels great.  If you get the opportunity to train with him on a consistent basis, you will see results and your clothes will fit much better!

Hi Bigil,

I wanted to write this note to you to say how well things are going with my work with you.

I started with all kinds of physical ailments and most have been overcome. In addition I have lost 20 pounds which makes me feel much better.

You have kept me going with your very gentle method of persuasion and persistence. You have been flexible with time enabling me to work out a satisfactory program.

I wish you the best of luck in your new venture and expect to be spending much more time with you.

Bigil  is an awesome trainer.  He pushes me when I am ready to give up but knows when I need to slow down and take a break.  He keeps the work-outs fresh and new.  I have never had the same work-out twice.  He is always on time and makes the training as fun as possible!  Even though some times I complain, I always get an amazing work-out and feel great when I am done!  Can't wait until my next one!